It's time to relight the fire of learning and knowledge sharing.

This important documentary is based on traditional Indigenous leadership teachings. Chief Gibby Jacob recall how training took place in the Longhouse. Around the communal fire the leaders would gather the people together to discuss and debate. Out of this 'classroom' came the actions required to move forward. 



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Medicine of Woman

Artist: Tamara Goddard

Medicine of Woman' celebrates women's gift to lead and heal with the energy of creation and strength of emotion. Women's emotions and medicine have become suppressed but we are now at a time that it is crucial to relearn & honor our medicines. The knowledge is already with us but we must support one and another to embrace the courage to honor our emotions & find the stillness from which deep compassion and fierce love can alight us to heal and lead once again.



Wolf Song

Artist: Tamara Goddard

Limited Edition Print 111 Copies

Proceeds go to Back to the Fire

Wolf Song tells the story of how we are born of our ancestor's love and care. They dreamed us and passed along teachings through story and song so that we may continue to sing and dream together on our earth walk. In our dreams and quiet times, we can hear their songs through the spaces beyond our normal busy & learned perceptions. We understand at once that their dream of us is our dream of our children. But today we are here for our children, we heal ourselves from our own and our ancestor's wounds and burdens. We do this to protect our children and their future.


Paper: Acid-Free Smooth

Medium: Alcholohol-based Ink

Proceeds from prints below will support the management and production of this important film.

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