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400 Drums:

Harnessing the power of Culture

An initiative of Four Our Future Indigenous Economics Ltd.

400 Drums is a campaign dedicated to supporting Indigenous artists, businesses, cultural keepers, and tour operators to thrive in the new Digital Economy.


This initiative is brought to you in partnership by:



Proceeds from 400 Drums will be used in partnership with Here2Help Community to:


1) Work with Indigenous Artists to create Indigenous-designed NFT’s infused with Indigenous teachings, storytelling, sounds, and music.

2) Develop workshops and services to support Indigenous youth, artists, businesses to transition to the new Digital Economy

3) Delivery of cultural craft & art workshops for Indigenous peoples in Canada


Over the next 10 Months, David Fierro of Ancestral Link will work with the Four Our Future and Here2Help teams to produce, build and paint 40 batches of 10 drums; each batch themed with an Indigenous ideology. Three NFT Designs will be created per drum for a total of 1,200 NFT designs. These designs will be released as limited editions starting Feb 11, 2022.

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