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Bringing the Best of New & Green Technologies to First Nations


Partnering with Indigenous Peoples is the best business & economic strategy to bring about a renewable economy rooted in sustainability and based on mutual respect between peoples & lands.

 “Green Technology ” encompasses a group of ever-evolving methods and materials that reduces the carbon footprint. Four Our Future works with vetted technology companies to bring innovation and create positive changes for Indigenous communities. 

We work with technologies that improve peoples daily lives while stimulating a prosperous and sustainable local economy that meets the needs of the community in ways that can sustain into the future without depleting natural resources. We work together with Indigenous communities to grow the local economy without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Land Pillars

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People Pillars

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for alternatives to current wasteful or damaging technologies, whether fossil fuel or chemical intensive agriculture, that are known to damage health and the environment.


for a “Cradle-to-Cradle” design cycle of products by partnering with companies using methodologies or materials that can be fully reclaimed or re-used.


 technologies that reduce waste and pollution by changing patterns of production and consumption.


a viable centre of economic activity around technologies and products that benefit the environment, speeding their implementation and creating new careers that truly protect the planet.​

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