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Four Our Future is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a letter of intent (“LOI”) with Four Our Future Indigenous Economics Ltd. (“FOFIE”) to develop a distribution agreement whereby FOFIE will distribute Affinor & BW G products, technologies and/or services to: 

  1. Indigenous communities, Indigenous governments, and Indigenous corporations and organizations;

  2. Canadian, provincial and municipal Governments in partnerships or with collaborative, service or protocol agreements with Indigenous communities; 

  3. Corporations or Industry organizations in partnership or with collaborative or protocol agreements with Indigenous communities; and

  4. The distribution of Affinor products would be limited to sales in regions currently not covered by Affinor’s current licensing partners.

“This tripartite agreement will facilitate the opportunity for Indigenous Peoples to grow, harvest and potentially sell their produce. A key component of Four Our Future’s mandate is to provide technologies and opportunities for our Indigenous Communities to have access to pure and healthy food to support the health and wellness of their people.” Chief Gibby Jacob, President Four Our Future

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