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Our Core Services

Four our Future applies our Indigenous Economic Lens in our work with individuals, industry, governments and investors. This builds strong foundations and develops community capacity required for Indigenous economic growth and prosperity.

Our core services include:


Progressive, Long-term Planning

  • Corporate & Community Strategic Planning

  • Comprehensive Community Plans

  • Corporate Indigenous Relations Strategy & Policy Development & implementation

  • Business Planning & Support Services

  • Feasibility & Environmental Studies

  • Employment & Training Plans

Research for Results

  • Industry and Gap Analyses

  • Indigenous Perspectives: Mining, Forestry, PNG, Green/New Technology, Food Security

  • Community Engagement & Perspectives

  • Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Labour & Training Services

  • Community labour-skills assessment

  • Access training grants & employment subsidies

  • Employment & Training long-term strategies for Indigenous communities

  • Development of training programs for employment and labour positions

  • Business & entrepreneurship training

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