Our Core Services

Four our Future applies our Indigenous Economic Lens in our work with individuals, industry, governments and investors. This builds strong foundations and develops community capacity required for Indigenous economic growth and prosperity.

Our core services include:


Progressive, Long-term Planning

  • Corporate & Community Strategic Planning

  • Comprehensive Community Plans

  • Corporate Indigenous Relations Strategy & Policy Development & implementation

  • Business Planning & Support Services

  • Feasibility & Environmental Studies

  • Employment & Training Plans

Research for Results

  • Industry and Gap Analyses

  • Indigenous Perspectives: Mining, Forestry, PNG, Green/New Technology, Food Security

  • Community Engagement & Perspectives

  • Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Labour & Training Services

  • Community labour-skills assessment

  • Access training grants & employment subsidies

  • Employment & Training long-term strategies for Indigenous communities

  • Development of training programs for employment and labour positions

  • Business & entrepreneurship training


Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing

When creating a multi-faceted paid advertising campaign, it's common to use a variety of marketing channels. We can identify which platforms are a suitable fit for your market, product, and customer type based on our research. We'll look at your existing reach and recommend where you should invest your money. We'll construct a realistic plan that includes reachable goals, whether we use Google search, display, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Pinterest, Retargeting, Product Feeds, and so on.
We don't offer the moon, but we do sell reality.

Video Production

Videos and podcasts don't have to be intimidating or expensive to be efficient.
Videos that are simple but effective can be planned and executed fast. We have numerous video editors on staff that can either create content from scratch or collaborate with you to develop an effective strategy, whether it be promoting your business, creating a podcast, or anything else. We also have access to an entire film crew and producer/director Cliff Hokanson, if you were interested in a short film, documentary, you name it!

Paid Advertisements

Businesses can reach extremely large audiences across multiple devices and platforms using one simple online advertising tool: Facebook Ads. Facebook, along with its other platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others, allows businesses to reach extremely large audiences across multiple devices and platforms using one simple online advertising tool: Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads, in addition to having a massive client base, enable businesses to target their marketing and advertising in ways that are unrivaled anyplace else.

Managing Social Media

Discover how we use social media marketing most effectively for your specific type of business. Is this social networking site appropriate for you? How much time should you devote to this? What are the advantages of participating in social media marketing? We've seen a lot of firms that don't have a plan, who publish random content at random times, or who believe posting only holiday messages to be a social media plan.

Web Design

What's been keeping us busy is web design, and we're getting recommended for a reason. The youth team can put together a website however you desire, with automated digital marketing.

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