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Stay up to date with these General Information Links & News

Here is a link to COVID-19 Site where they update the information to the public regularly from the current situation to health, travel etc.  There is also a link to a Self-Assessment Tool. This is the Federal link


Click here for the Provincial link for BC with phone numbers and links for support and information

Valuable sheet with Info, phone contacts and links from Mar 31, 2020 Summary with information on renewing your insurance, public services, retail services, travel and borders, housing, and information for Students, Seniors, recreation and outdoors.

Click Here to Learn More 

Bill C-13 Royal Assent March 25-2020 an Act respecting certain measures in response to COVID-19 Emergency Response Act. This has details of the income tax act and Income tax regulations for the changes needed for COVID-19. Click Here to Learn More 

Keep track of testing and cases worldwide by Clicking Here

World Health Organization information on COVID-19  Click Here

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