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Sage Small Business Award

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

In these difficult times, the recognition from Sage for the work we are doing with Indigenous Economics means the world to us.

Chi Miigwetch!

"I have been working with Tamara Goddard for 3 years providing customized financial systems design for her and her First Nations Clients. In this time Tamara has been my teacher of numerous challenges that First Nations face in the area of Financial Literacy, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Accessing Capital and Loans and Capacity (Education and Human Resources). Tamara is passionate about capitalizing First Nations title and rights by improving the socio-economic conditions of her peoples in Canada and Internationally. In 2020, Tamara launched her co-designed Indigenous Economic Lens which is a platform upon which First Nations can engage with new/green technologies to build healthy economies that will last generations.

Essentially, with the input of Indigenous leaders, in particular Chief Gibby Jacob, David Fierro and Vanessa Mountain, a new view on economics was developed through an Indigenous lens whereby 7 generations behind and 7 generations ahead is part of the thought process of responsible development. Four Our Future is ushering in much-need Clean Water and Affordable Housing Technologies. Tamara's highly specialized team focusses on economic development while considering Four aspects of people's wellness (Education, Career, Capacity and Culture) and Four aspects of Land wellness (Housing Security Power Security, Water Security, Food Security). Tamara has overcome immense challenges to develop this economics platform including spending 3 years on her Master's thesis to have a seven-generation lens considered a viable business model. To gain approval, Tamara implemented her lens/platform in 10 Indigenous communities to prove its functionality and worth, through an Indigenous lens. I am pleased to continue supporting the growth of this important Limited Corporation and am proud to say I am a part of the solution for Indigenous Peoples, Economies and Land Stewardship" - Debrah Burleigh

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1 Comment

Gibby Jacob
Gibby Jacob
Mar 06, 2021

Thank you Chick Chit Chat for having Tamara on your show She did a great job of laying out her personal history and the start of our little company. Since the start of our blended company at times we barely kept the lights on but through our perseverance we soldiered on. We know that by creating success for Indigenous groups one file at a time we will be creating our reputation. The pandemic wont last forever so we believe we will be there to assist in launching economic activity that will be long term and profitable for the Indigenous groups who we will be working for!

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