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Tamara Goddard on Indigenous Economics

Tamara Goddard CEO, Four Our Future Indigenous Economic Corporation Tamara has an extraordinary understanding of Nation Building, Indigenous business, First Nations governance, culture, and history. Of the Saulteau First Nation in North Eastern BC, she continues to work on identifying and creating solutions to collate Canadian and Indigenous Economy in Canada in a productive and sustainable way. Tamara completed her Master's Degree in Indigenous Business & Leadership at SFU. Tamara’s primary focus is the study of Indigenous economic ideologies and how it can effectively co function within the current western economic systems. Over the past 15 years, Tamara has performed extensive research pertaining to the gaps and opportunities between First Nations, Governments, and Industry. Tamara utilizes this research in her work with multiple First Nation, Indigenous organizations, Crown Corporations, Governments and Industry towards developing and implementing economic strategies, financial mechanisms and growth partnerships. With this experience, Tamara leads Four Our Future Indigenous Economics which works on national and regional economic development projects, major projects and business development projects. As CEO of Four Our Future Indigenous Economics, Tamara utilizes her extensive network and experience to build levers of reconciliation by introducing the Indigenous Economics lens into the Canadian economy. Tamara considers Indigenous economics a natural step stemming from the success of Indigenous Law and Canada’s commitment to United Nations Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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